Battleogue Episode 5 Thoughts

  Once again I was pretty well entertained. Fun battle, and the new A-Z looks pretty cool. That name, though… A Zeta Gundam? Alpha-Zeta Gundam? Amazing Zeta Gundam? SIX times faster without being red?!   Also, Rinko’s back!


Tristan MK II WIP 1

Got some decent work done on this project over the weekend. I began at the feet, deciding that instead of using the Tristan feet with MKII polycaps, I would use the Tristan “shoes” with the MKII feet.  This modification wasn’t […]


Let’s Get to Bashing! – Tristan + Gundam MKII = ?

Had an idea for this kit bash pop into my head over the last couple weeks, so I’m gonna get to going on this and see what comes out.  


Busy Times

Been busy with life and work; mostly done a few straight builds. Still waiting on getting some airbrushing done on my SD Phenex project, which has fallen by the wayside for the moment. Got a kitbashing project in mind that […]


Completed Project: MG GM Quel – “Blue Angel-esque”

Mission…complete. Here we have the MG GM Quel, “Blue Angel-esque”.   Now this build has been an experience; overall good, but with it’s share of annoyances. The biggest learning experience with this kit was definitely the airbrushing; this is my […]


MG GM Quel – Painted and Ready for Top Coating and Final Details

It’s been a wild ride, learing the airbrush the last few weeks, having several little things go wrong (parts breaking after painting, paint messing up here and there, parts vanishing, etc), but here it is, ready for top coating. My […]


MG GM Quel – Detail Update 3

All primed up and ready for paint!  


MG GM Quel – Detail Update 2

Been a few weeks since I’ve updated the project, and that’s because I’ve been rather busy. Not just on the build, but with life in general.     As to what I’ve been doing with the GM…I can’t help but […]


MG GM Quel – Detail Update 1

Finally getting back to working on the Quel a bit.  I’ve struggled to get a solid idea on exactly what I’m going for here, so I’m just more or less running with whatever happens to seem right at the time. […]


MG GM Quel – Custom Rifle Update 4

Nearly done!  At this point, after adding the nice grip to the fore end, I think I’m at the stage where I’ll be doing final touch-ups. Details are pretty much complete!