MG GM Quel – Detail Update 2


MG GM Quel – Detail Update 2

Been a few weeks since I’ve updated the project, and that’s because I’ve been rather busy. Not just on the build, but with life in general.  


As to what I’ve been doing with the GM…I can’t help but think I might’ve gone too far, lol. Finished up all these little details last night, and now I’m going to have to get to sanding and priming, assuming the weather cooperates. Which I hope it does, cause the deadline is fast approaching on the contest, lol. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to get it sanded and primed this weekend, and maybe even get started on the painting. Gonna hope the rattle cans don’t screw me over on this one, cause I just haven’t had enough time on my airbrush to be comfortable with it.



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