Tristan MK II WIP 1


Tristan MK II WIP 1

Got some decent work done on this project over the weekend.

I began at the feet, deciding that instead of using the Tristan feet with MKII polycaps, I would use the Tristan “shoes” with the MKII feet.  This modification wasn’t too difficult, basically cutting off some pegs and the front part of the “feet” from the MKII.  They fit pretty well as you can see, and the gray part on the top aligns pretty well witht he flat part on the “shoe”.  Now I just have to decdie if I want to use pla-plate or putty to fill in the gaps.










Next, I modified the shields.  The Tristan shield looks likea a reject from AGE, so most of it wound up in the trash.  I only kept the middle part, which aligned pretty well with the two halves of the MKII shield.  Stuck these together and added some putty to the front, and a couple bits of pla-plate on the middle section edges; just have to work with that now that it’s hardened to create a smooth, angled surface ont he front face (probably gonna have to add some more putty to the edges where the lower MKII and Tirstan shields meet in the middle to help smooth it out), then modifty the mounting piece once I decide exactly how I’m going to work the forearms.

Finally this weekend I managed to mount a magnet in the MKII backpack, which involved just cutting out a few internal bits and stuffing some putty inside. Just have to mount that other magnet into the Tristan’s rear chest piece. 


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