Busy Times, Not Much Building


Busy Times, Not Much Building

Been a long time since I’ve managed to update here.  The holidays of course through December were just crazy busy as usual, then this whole month at work has been nuts: three major projects landed all at once and it’s required a ton of work on our internal resource page to get up to speed. So, I’ve been mostly zombie-like by the time I get home in the evenings, and haven’t done much in the way of updates to the site or building gunpla.

But, I’m always hopeful for a good weekend to get some work done, and I have two major skills I need to brush up on, namely airbrushing, which I’ve never really gotten fully into practicing, and applying water-slide decals, which I’ve not done since I build model cars as a kid.  I’ve got a freshly built MG 2.0 RX-78-2 ready for some decal work, and a stack of kits I’ve dedicated to airbrush practice, so I suppose it’s time to crack down and get to customizing! 

The Tristan Mk. II is on hold a bit; just needed the space for other stuff for a bit, but don’t worry, it’s coming back!

Stay tuned for more!

Oh, and quick shot of my little wall enhancement project:

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