#LupusForLupus – HG Lupus Rex Beginner Build Entry


#LupusForLupus – HG Lupus Rex Beginner Build Entry

Life’s been crazy this year with spring projects around the house and a surge in business at work keeping me both busy and tired, but that didn’t stop me from getting at least something done for the Lupus For Lupus charity contest, which was hosted by Shoky Reviews.  The contest ended during the last week or so of May, and the winners of said contest were announced last night.  I had three entries in the contest (apparently the only person to do so!), and I did manage to win at one of the categories.  It wasn’t the category I’d expected, being the Beginner category, but given what the Intermediate and Advanced winners managed to make, I bow to their superior talents.  Some really amazing work done, and in so short a time, too!  It always amazes me just how talented some people are.

Anyway, here’s the winner of the Beginner class, which was all about an OOB build with clean nub removal, panel lining and presentation.  Not really a lot to say about this build; it’s an out of box Lupus Rex, with the stickers applied, and some panel lines, taken in my horrible photo setup.  No WIPs on this one cause the completed build is pretty much where I start to work on a kit, lol.


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