Custom Serpent


I built this one fairly early in my return to the hobby last year, and it was one of the first ones I did seam removal on, but it wound up sitting in a box for several months before I finished touching it up, got it primed, and painted it.  This kit is hand-painted aside from the primer and gloss/matte coats.



I really do love the look of the Serpent, and wish they would make an updated version of it (and most of the Wing grunt suits now that I think about it). This is the 1/144 scale, but I’d go for 1/100 just as quickly, and probably will eventually.  A RE/100 of this or any of the grunt suits from Wing would be great. Bandai, make it happen!



Don’t have too much to say about this one; it was a simple build, and practice for seam removal and painting.  I used mostly Vallejo acrylics, with Tamiya acrylic for the weapons.


Basic Build:















Work in Progress:



























Completed Gallery:

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