GM Snazzy

The first Gunpla I built upon my return to the hobby in May of 2016.  It started as a basic HG GM, no frills…and mostly stayed that way until I added a custom paint job to it. 


Why did I call it the “GM Snazzy”?




I couldn’t think of a better name. 




Anyway, the paint job on this was done with a combination of Testors spray cans and hand-brushed touch-ups with Testors and Model Masters paints.  I had some issues with the purple paint, unfortunately. On the shoulders and shield, it came out rather chunky. Don’t know if it was humidity or just a bad batch of paint or what, but I wound up having to sand the parts down (mostly) smooth and repaint by hand.  In the end it turned out pretty well.


Don’t really have a lot to say about this one. It was more or less just an opening salvo on my Gunpla journey.


Basic Build:


Work in Progress Shots:


Completed Gallery:

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