MG GM Quel – Detail Update 3

All primed up and ready for paint!  


MG GM Quel – Detail Update 2

Been a few weeks since I’ve updated the project, and that’s because I’ve been rather busy. Not just on the build, but with life in general.     As to what I’ve been doing with the GM…I can’t help but […]


MG GM Quel – Detail Update 1

Finally getting back to working on the Quel a bit.  I’ve struggled to get a solid idea on exactly what I’m going for here, so I’m just more or less running with whatever happens to seem right at the time. […]


MG GM Quel – Custom Rifle Update 4

Nearly done!  At this point, after adding the nice grip to the fore end, I think I’m at the stage where I’ll be doing final touch-ups. Details are pretty much complete!  


MG GM Quel – Custom Rifle Update 3

Finally got some more detail work done on my custom GM Quel rifle this week. Added details to the magazine and to the fore end.   Pretty much done with it, though I’m probably going to add to the fore […]


MG GM Quel – Custom Rifle Update 2

Been working on this for most of the evening, trying a few things that worked, a few that didn’t.  As it stands, I’ve mainly got to add some details to the long, smooth fore end, and I’m considering redoing the […]


MG GM Quel – Custom Rifle Update 1

Finally getting back to this project after a much-too-long break from it. Focusing primarily on the custom-built rifle right now, and managed to add some more details to it tonight. Hopefully I’ll be making use of that template to good […]


Analysis: USA Gundam Store June Subscription Box

I really do try to avoid being negative most of the time, but I’m afraid I have to be this time.  I’ve been a subscriber to USA Gundam Store’s monthly membership since it started back in December of last year, […]


Make the Petit’gguys Dangerous!

Well, I’ve definitely made some progress on the “make the petit’gguys dangerous” project I decided to start up.  Got these kits out of the May 2017 USA Gundam Store membership box, and while I wasn’t thrilled at first, I’m gonna […]


REVIVE Gundam MK. II Titans Ver. Straight Build

Finished the build on this one back on Memorial Day, but just remembered that I needed to panel line it today. So, since I had some free time, I took care of it, lol. Nothing fancy here, and plenty of […]