USA Gundam Store Monthly Membership Boxes

 I’ve been a member since the get go, and I can’t deny the program’s gotten worse over the last couple of months. Here’s a record of the loot, newest on top:

June 2017 1 HGUC RGM-79 GM
1 Mercury LEV
1 Tamiya Flat Black paint
1 Tamiya 6mm Masking Tape
2 Kotobukiya MSG Parts (cables/hoses and handles)
May 2017 1 HG Elf Bullock
1 Machine Head
2 Petit’gguy Chocolate Brown
*This was a packing mistake, as it should have been either an SD Ex Kit or an IBO Option Set. USA Gundam Store was kind enough to correct the error, and sent me an SD Ex Standard Barbatos Lupus as well.
April 2017 1 HG Geirail
1 HG Gundam Gusion Rebake
1 Universal Unit (Wing Zero Custom)
1 Metal Detail Piping
March 2017 1 HG Gundam Exia
1 HG Rouei
1 Gundam Converge Barbatos Lupus Rex
HG Customize Campaign Part A
1 Tamiya Blue Paint
1 Tamiya Green Paint
February 2017 1 HG Gunner Zaku Warrior (Lunamaria version)
1 HG 0 Gundam
Tamiya Finishing Abrasives
Water-slide Decal Sheet
2x Vallejo Weathering Acrylics
January 2017 1 RG Freedom Gundam
1 Petit’gguy Burning Red
1 Tamiya masking tape
Tamiya Black Paint
Tamiya Silver Paint
Vallejo Liquid Mask
1 Water-slide Decal Sheet
1 File
December 2016 1 HG Reginlaze
1 NG Heavyarms
2 Tweezers
1 Metal Customize Parts
1 Tamiya Finishing Abrasives
1 Tamiya Red Paint
1 Tamiya White Paint
1 Tamiya Blue Paint






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